Mayans MC...Finally Here!

Mayans MC...Finally Here!


It's Sept 6th. It's supposed to be my day off. I have a long list of things that I should be taking care of and getting done. Instead, I'm re-watching the first episode of Mayans MC for the sixth time. It just aired two days ago. I know, I know. I have a problem. I might even have 99 of them, but Mayans ain't one.

In case you've been living under a rock, Mayans MC is a spin off of Sons of Anarchy, one of the best shows to ever be on TV. Mayans MC follows prospect EZ Reyes ,fresh out of prison, as he fights to prove his loyalty to the motorcycle club.

While watching the first episode, I quickly learned that the show has many more layers than EZ just trying to prove his loyalty. This shouldn't have surprised me, since Sons of Anarchy had several layers of depth to both its plot and characters. There's no way I talk more about the layers of EZ or the MC without spoiling the show. But that's what I love about this pilot episode. It doesn't waste time. You're thrown right into the Mayans having to clean up their mess after a drug delivery for a cartel goes south. 

Is it completely different from Sons? No, but I loved Sons, so that's not a problem for me. Even though Mayans isn't set in Charming, it's still in the same world as Sons. We even get some SAMCRO appearances in the first episode. I almost wish Jax Teller ( the protagonist of Sons) was still alive, because a Jax Teller/ EZ Reyes crossover episode would probably end me. As in I'd be so excited, I'd die.

Is it just like Sons? Another no. Jax Teller was the VP of his MC in the first episode of Sons. EZ Reyes is a prospect. In Sons, we learned about SAMCRO from the top down.  EZ isn't even a patched in member of his MC. We learn about Mayans from the bottom up.  Even though both shows feature club meetings around distinctly cool, long tables, I have a strong feeling EZ won't be able to get away with half the stuff Jax tried to pull. As a prospect, EZ doesn't have any room for error. Especially when you learn the real reason why he's joining the Mayans. 

Is it violent? Yes. It's a show about an outlaw motorcycle club. There's even a torture scene in the first episode that I fast forwarded through because it made my stomach just a tiny bit queazy. But the action/violence doesn't drive the show, the characters and relationships do. And ultimately, that's the marker of a great drama series. 

Also, I appreciate the symbolism in this episode. I haven't quite worked out what everything means yet, like the Coyote. But it gives me something to think about as I watch the rest of the season. It also kind of makes me feel like I'm back in English class, discussing novels, trying to figure out who knocked up Hester in the Scarlett Letter, why in the hell I had to read about Holden Caulfield and what the heart is in the The Heart of Darkness. Like the novels I just mentioned, this show makes you think. Mayans doesn't serve everything up on a platter, it's not a fast food joint. This is clearly a well thought out, labor of love.

Finally, I make it a priority to not talk about looks whenever I write about a show or movie. How someone looks has nothing to do with talent and the quality of a show....


That is all. 

Favorite quote from this episode:

Kevin: "When I say jump, you say how-"

EZ: "-F*ck You."

The beginnings of a beautiful bromance...Just kidding. Knowing Kurt Sutter's writing, EZ will probably kill him by season 3.



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